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lomilomi is an old art of massage with its origins in hawaii. lomi lomi is an intuitive and at the same time energetic touch, which allows you to get in touch with your own feelings and therefore helps you to (re)discover your inner balance.
tensions can get released through soft and at the same time strong movements, which are accompanied with music.
typical for lomi lomi are flowing and continuous movements without beginning or end.
the masseur is mainly using her_his_their hands and forearms – and a lot of oil! the massaged person, covered with a blanket, is lying on a massage bank.
prices for lomi lomi massage: 60 min. 60 €, 90 min. 80€, 120 min. 100€
lomilomi de luxe: 4 hand massage: 60 min 120€, 90 min 140€
all prices are negotiable

registration: sw(at)bewegung-im-zwischenraum.de