feminist self-defence

wendo originally means “way of women” and was developed by the feminist movements to fight sexism and sexualized violence in public spheres and – so called – “private” relationships.
wendo is an active form of preventing violence and is made up of exercises for empowerment and self-defence.
my courses are open for women*, lesbian*, trans* and intergender *people who want to become aware of their own strengths, learn to defend themselves, free themselves of old patterns and discover new ways of acting.
wendo consists of different self-assertion exercises such as the conscious use of voice, body language and breathing, as well as relaxation exercises.
in addition to this, effective techniques of self-defence (techniques of disentanglement/ release, defence and attacts are going to get mediated.

format: 1-5 day courses, trial lessons, topic-centered workshops, multiplier trainings,
self -organized trainings

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